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Private Chef Adrienne

Adrienne started cooking at an early age under the tutelage of her Polish born mother –an excellent home cook. She grew up in Amsterdam at a time of few gourmet restaurants, when private dinning was nonexistent and catering was rare. Even as a young woman she was drawn to the kitchen. She started cooking for her family and it didn’t take long for friends to insist she do the same for them.

She worked constantly to improve her culinary skills and developed
a sophisticated taste for fine food. She discovered that through food she could make people feel good – with themselves and with others.
Food and cooking were a way of expressing affection and a way to enjoy life and even at a young age her home became a haven for food lovers.

New York City


As her passion for cooking grew, Adrienne decided her next step was to gain additional experience and train in top class restaurants. She did so in notable establishments: with George Blanc in L’Ancienne Auberge in Vonnas (3 stars); Toscanini and Halvemaan (1 star) in Amsterdam; Karel V (1 star) in Utrecht; Le Dauphin in Paris; and I Pupi in Palermo.

Adrienne has a natural talent to match the right food to the right person and occasion, and her cooking skills run from home comfort food to traditional to highly contemporary gourmet. Whatever the style of cuisine, she demonstrates innovation and creativity. She understands instinctively how her guests prefer to dine and how to please their palate.

As her reputation spread, Adrienne was invited to teach in cookery schools and she continues to do so while also conducting private cooking lessons in her home and NYC. With over 20 years of international cooking experience as a freelance caterer and chef for hire, today she is considered one of the most accomplished and recognized international gourmet chefs. In 2000 she started her own catering company THE COOKERY in Amsterdam, for private dinners and catering, and in 2008 she opened up her beautiful traditional, renovated house and kitchen for Private Dining.


Global Chef

For more than a decade Adrienne has been a highly sought after Private Chef. She speaks fluently six languages – English, Dutch, French, German, Portuguese and Italian – and regularly cooks for a number of high-profile international clients for whom she travels to different locations in the world and at various seasons of the year. She has cooked during Caribbean summers, winters in Klosters and spring in Aspen and has worked in
St. Tropez, Berlin, Sardinia, La Rochelle, San Francisco, New York NYC, Puerto Vallarta.

She transforms the wishes of her clients into meticulously planned menus and is always ready to meet special requests such as vegetarian, vegan and allergy sensitive. Her attention to detail combined with her sense of beauty enables her to pleasantly surprise her guests and she can execute a wide range of dinner styles – fabulous dinner parties, high standard business dinners and informal but exquisite home cooking.
Adrienne’s high standards of professionalism, reliability, flexibility and discretion are what enable her to be the superior Private Chef she is.

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Sit Back and Relax

Adrienne will take care of everything!

Whether in your own house or a rented villa, Adrienne will do the shopping and make sure your fridge and pantry are stocked with food and wine according to a selected list. All meals will be prepared to your taste and your budget and your kitchen will be clean and well organised.
Adrienne takes a personal interest in your desires and is always available for consultation and detailed discussions. She can advise you about both food and wines. You can design your own menu or leave it completely or partly up to her. 

In the morning the breakfast table will be laden with fresh fruits, smoothies, coffee, tea, breads, croissants, jams, yoghurts, almond milk, muesli, seeds, cheese, cold cuts and homemade quiche. Eggs will be cooked any way you wish.

A light lunch will be served with fresh local produce, a variety of salads, greens and herbs and a glass of your favourite wine.
Dinner can be as formal or as casual as you choose. You will be able to relax and enjoy yourself and your guests, while being the perfect host, as Adrienne will take care of all the details from fresh flowers and decorations to the appropriate table setting. She will instruct your staff and kitchen help so they will contribute to the pleasant atmosphere. Drinks and appetizers will be served and dinner will always be beautifully presented as well as delicious. 

Adrienne is a master planner and organizer as well as a connoisseur of the culinary arts, but it is her genuine interest in her clients, the human touch combined with the highest professional standards, which delight her clients and assure their complete satisfaction.

Style of cooking

Adrienne’s cuisine is contemporary French-Italian with a soupçon of international styles, full of color and flavour, based on fresh, top quality products. She focuses on light and healthy cuisine and uses local organic products as much as possible. She puts her utmost efforts into the art of making desserts, her specialty being Panna Cotta and Tarte Tatin


Private Chef Adrienne
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